Bovines stick together. They like each other. Yeah. They don't run away like some silly creatures on four legs do. With a little shade and something tasty to chew on, why run off? It doesn't matter what color the other ladies are. Black, white, red or brown, they herd under the same tree for hours and moo until it's time for dessert, then head in to gladly dump the day's milk harvest.

And boy do they love music, especially banjos and fiddles, songs in folk keys. That's why they love our band. That's why 66 people "signed" our freshmen recording. Cows everywhere love the rhythms and melodies of Bovine Social Club. They can't get enough. To Pods, Touches, Laptops, and autos, streaming and live, it's Bovines to the rescue. Everything flows better.

And our herd is growing pretty damn fast, a warm and friendly family to be sure. Bovine babies galore. In fact, if you've been to a show, your health is sure to have improved. There's a lot of hugging. There's other things shared too. That's why nine out of ten veterinarians shout, "Join the herd! The Bovine Social Club herd." Join us on Facebook or Twitter today. It's mighty cold out there, I'll tell ya!

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