What People Say
"Every now and then you discover debut albums that deliver the goods. This one puts everything away in the cupboards, washes the windows, breaks your heart, makes you smile, slaps you on the fanny, and tucks you into bed. With the worldgrass vibe of Railroad Earth, and a grittiness all of their own that’s nothing but real, Bovine Social Club’s self-titled debut album is ten tracks of fun, fun, fun.”
Brian Robbins, Jambands.com

“Working with Bovine Social Club was a unique pleasure. They were always up for an adventure, and that sense of adventure is totally evident in their music.”
Tim Carbone, Railroad Earth

“Bovine Social Club is the Northeast’s best kept secret. With just one listen to their debut CD of country flavored folkrock, it will be easy to understand why this secret won’t be kept long.”
Tom LeFevre, Main Street Jukebox, Stroudsburg, PA

“BSC combines poetic mentality, deep grooves, A-list song writing, and a musical sense of humor that leaves you with that “what are they gonna do next good time feeling.”
Lenny Bloch, WCBS, New York, New York

“Bovine Social Club is Pure Americana. Led by Samuel Saint Thomas and his moonshine-weathered vocals, this homespun band of brothers sings of picnics and jamborees while wearing their Raybans proudly! They are country cool!”
Joltin’Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere
WMSC-FM, Upper Montclair, NJ

Bovine Social Club created a backyard Brooklyn stage feel on Musikfest's Liederplatz Stage with hip bluegrass with a folk rock edge. The sound of stand-up bass and fiddles rang through the Sun Inn courtyard."
Tiffany Bentley - Lehigh Vally Live.com

A Live CD Drops
Announcing our brandy new “Live at Mauch Chunk Opera House” recorded on July 8th, 2016 in the Historic Town of Jim Thorpe, PA with our buds from Railroad Earth, Tim Carbone, Andy Goessling, and John Skehan. This very limited edition will only be available at our live shows. And what an outstanding evening it was. So come on out to a show and get your copy real soon.

The Band Makes Dinner Oh Yeah Baby!
On a cold on Sunday in January, Ron, Jeff, Samuel and Tiim made dinner for our thirty craziest fans in the great Castle Inn. Yes we did. Then we sat around and picked requests all night. Unplugged. Not a wire in the house. And what a night it was. The food, the songs, the beverages, the hugs. Did I mention we had dessert? Not in The VIP Barnyard fan club? Oh my! Send us a message on Facebook real soon.

Jingle Jingle Raises Bucks Again!
We did it again! Our sixth annual Jingle Jingle Holiday Bash not only sold out once again but raised $500.00 and a heap of awareness for needy family holiday meals, a program by Scott Judy and the Kiwanis Club Daybreak of the Poconos. And get this, we had the awe and honor to have backed non other than the jazz great Bob Dorough on the world famous stage at Deer Head Inn! Who knew the Bovines could rock a MIles Davis tune. And what a sweet and kind man at that! Look at that smile! Left to right: Samuel Saint Thomas, Ron Baumann, Tim Carbone, Jeff Barg, Bob Dorough, Tim Coyle, Any Goessling. Goodness me!

Tabitha Clancy Interviews Samuel Saint Thomas
for Upstate Live
Surely seeing or hearing a name like Bovine Social Club would conjure up images of cattle gathering.  Is there a club for such a thing?  Well in a sense, yes.  In this case people are not coming together to discuss cows or any such variation.  instead, this is a band with a unique and humorous outlook rich in Americana roots.  UpstateLIVE caught up with lead singer and guitarist, Samuel Saint Thomas and talked about his band co-founded by Jeff Barg (drummer).

Tabitha Clancy: You and your bandmates have many years experience as musicians. How did Bovine Social Club come together?

Samuel Saint Thomas:  I had taken some time off to study. To be honest, I burned out as a singer-songwriter. During the time I was a singer-songwriter, I had worked with a lot of different people – almost all of the guys from Railroad Earth at one point. I was in the same bands in the same neighborhood.  One of the people in that scene was Jeff Barg, our drummer now.  I had seen him around a couple of times and every time I’d see him he’d say, “Why don’t we start a band?” We both ended up at the same table at Tim Carbone’s birthday party.  Jeff was pretty forceful at that time.  So I said, “I’m going to think about this.”

And we put together a list of things, a guide as to how we were going to go about this.  We started planning that night.  Over the next year the band went into development. By that time I had completed my graduate education.  We were really inspired as well by what was going on with Railroad Earth (RRE).  Next thing I know, Johnny Grubb had left RRE and he came on board and helped to get us started.  I guess at the end of that year of development, Tim Carbone had heard about the project. I went to see him play somewhere and he came up to me... read more.

BCS Lands a Stellar Jamband Review! Yeehaw!
All of us in Bovine Social Club are deeply humbled and shocked at the stunning review by Brian Robbins that appeared last night in Jambands.com! Long after midnight, Twitter, email, and texts went off the hook. It is in these moments that we are encouraged to pick up our instruments and go into the world and let our little light shine! Our sincere hope is that you'll 'share' this light with your friends. Thanks everyone! Enjoy!

by Brian Robbins

Combining the eclectic acoustic bounce of early Boris Garcia, the worldgrass vibe of Railroad Earth, and a grittiness all of their own that’s nothing but real, Bovine Social Club’s self-titled debut album is ten tracks of fun, fun, fun – and great musicianship.

It certainly didn’t hurt matters that BSC’s maiden voyage in the studio was skippered by Tim Carbone. Railroad Earth’s fiddling guitarist has plenty of production magic to his credit – albums by the previously-mentioned Boris Garcia, The Ragbirds, Great American Taxi, David Gans, Greensky Bluegrass, and his own project The Contribution, to name a few – managing to add another dimension to the sound of whatever already-talented band he works with. Oftentimes Carbone has also added some fine fiddle to complement his collaborators’ sound, but he doesn’t pick up the bow for Bovine Social Club. The killer fiddle you hear throughout the album is..." Read More

Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth
Produces Bovine's First CD
Carbone came calling. A lot of you already know that he plays violin with the nationally known roots band, Railroad Earth. What you might not know is that he's equally known as a national level producer.  "I wanna produce Bovine's record," he said, "Come on. You write some really great songs.  They're timeless.  People need to hear them.  Now get busy.  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse."  And we did. Classically trained violinist Seth Mandel bought a mandolin and Juju guitarist Johnny Smith bought a banjo.  We recruited bassist Scot Hornick from the New York jazz scene.  Tim stopped by to coach the hours upon hours of hacking at arrangements and parts and harmonies. We were off and running! Watch

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