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Ho Ho Ho, It’s Our 10th!

Hello hello, my friends! After a long and lonely two years away from the stage, We are so entirely fortunate to share this...


The Party is Over: COVID & the Quest for Light in Dark Days

Live music is still on mute.  I‘ve not been this artistically low for this long. Ever.  As a lover of melody, I am...


Shows. Cancellations. COV-19.

Hey Bovies! The Bovines are coming into the barn! My experience tells me that COV-19 and its scare will not blow over anytime...


9th Annual Jingle Jingle!

And then, just as you’ve finished up those turkey sandwiches and leftover pumpkin pie, it’ll be time for our biggest show of the...


Bovine Social Club Offers Appropriately Unconventional Tribute to Tom Waits

By Jay Lustig: You could easily make the argument that, of all the top-level singer-songwriters, Tom Waits has the most truly great...


Doing Things Differently: An Open Letter

From the birth of the Bovines eight years ago, we set out to make art: stories framed in rhythm and melody. And art,...


Touching His Inner Tom Waits!

By Robert Price New Jersey HeraldPosted: May 9, 2019 12:01 am In an age when tribute bands enjoy unprecendented popularity, don’t expect the...


Bovines Launch a Patreon! Woot!

  Kind patronage has made art flourish for centuries. Every visual artist, musical artist, dramatic artist you’ve ever known has had patrons. That’s...

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