Hey Bovies!

The Bovines are coming into the barn! My experience tells me that COV-19 and its scare will not blow over anytime soon. The spread is uncertain and the effect on human psyche is pretty deep. So after much thinking, I am very disappointed to say that all Bovine original and Tom Waits concert dates are cancelled for the foreseeable future: Lancaster, Stroudsburg, Blairstown, Brooklyn, Lake Champlain, and Halifax and Shelburne, Nova Scotia. It would be daft and irresponsible to risk playing shows with the possible spread of illness and death so great. I have a feeling though that something good will come of our downtime. I’ll be looking at our fall rescheduling options and hopefully even launch something fresh and amazing! Know that I love and appreciate all your Bovine love over the years. We’ll miss you all. Please stay safe out there! Be informed. Be still. Rebuild. Take an inventory of things, ok? I’ll be right here doing the same.

 Love. Music. Art.



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